Spectator Information

Spectator Information


Spectator golf cars are NOT allowed during the Championship, except if the spectator has a  permanent handicap placard or a doctor’s note for an injury. Spectators requiring a golf car  should notify the PGA of America prior to attending the Championship. Spectators will NOT  receive a car unless they have an official placard or doctor’s note.

Disabled spectators that utilize motorized transportation shall follow the same rules of etiquette  that apply to all spectators. They shall operate their golf car on the path only and in a manner that  is not distracting to competitors or other spectators and shall operate the equipment in a safe  and courteous manner. The golf car must stay on the path at all times and under no circumstance  should there be more than two people on a golf car at one time.

Please contact Scooter Clark, PGA at sclark@pgahq.com to request a golf car.


Golf cars shall be driven in a manner that will NOT distract any players on the course.  This applies to all movement in a player’s field of vision when he/she is preparing to play a stroke.

Golf cars must be kept off the golf course except when being used for their designated  purpose. Any unauthorized use will result in the loss of the golf car privilege. All “on  course” approved golf cars must have proper signage.

Golf cars shall not be parked near gallery ropes, putting greens, teeing grounds or in  areas where a golf ball could land.

Golf cars shall be driven cautiously at all times with concern for the safety and proximity  of spectators.

No more than two persons shall be transported in any golf car.

In the case of inclement weather, golf cars may be subject to cart-path only  requirements. There will be zero tolerance for disobeying the cart-path only policy.

Failure to abide by these instructions will result in the removal of the golf car privileges.


Thank you for your cooperation with these rules and regulations.